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Kline Properties appreciates you as a resident and as a member of the Kline Community.

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Fill out all necessary information using the same email address that was given to us on your application. Click “Submit”, then sit back and wait.

If the email address entered does not match the email given on your application then Kline Properties will need to approve your request and update your account. After approval notification you can then log in and set up your online payment. If your portal is already set up you can immediately make one time payments, or you can get set up automatic monthly payments.

To set up monthly payments you will have to set up a Payment Account and this can be done from the My Rentals tab. After you have set up a Payment Account you can also set up Auto Payments from the same tab.

PLEASE double check with your bank to verify the institution’s routing number because we have found that what is sometimes shown on the actual check is not necessarily the routing number to be used for online payments. Routing and account numbers that are mis-entered or transposed will result in online payment rejections/returns of funds classified as “unable to locate account” or “insufficient funds”; of which incur NSF processing fees of $50.00 per transaction and could be charged late charges.

Please keep in mind that if the ACH server goes down or if your online payment is not secured by Kline Properties’ bank, other payment arrangements will need to be made. An error in the ACH system does not replace the rules for late fees. As a security feature, the ACH system does not allow for multiple payments from one person to be made within a 72 hour period (could be longer depending on weekends/holidays). If you are attempting to pay from two checking accounts, you will need to transfer money between your accounts before submitting a payment; please understand that if you make a payment before your transfer is complete, it could result in NSF processing fees and late fees.

You can also edit your contact information and change your password. This can be done from the My Account tab under the My Contact Information section. To change your contact information, simply click the Edit link to the right and make any changes you feel are needed. To change your password click the View Details link to the right and choose the Change Email and Password button.

Please note that the property management software grants access to the residents only. Should the guarantor wish to access the account they will need to request the login information from the leaseholder. IMPORTANT: Remember to allow 3 business days for the set up this process if you are setting up payments for the first time. In the event that the portal does not grant you access for any reason you are still responsible for on time payment and late fees will not be waived.


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